• Norwich Ophthalmology Group has been Southeastern Connecticut's leader in Ophthalmic care for more than 30 years. We are your local, hometown doctors who are devoted to patient care and dedicated to improving your quality of life through life-changing vision procedures and treatments. We continually strive to provide the latest technology for you, our patients and neighbors, whether it is the best and most advanced in surgical techniques to the most innovative eyecare technology as established by our founding tenets more than 30 years ago.

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  • hertz

    Jeffrey A. Hertz, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    Dr. Hertz has lived and practiced in Norwich for nearly 3 decades. Dr Hertz was the first in Norwich to offer phacoemulsification cataract surgery for his patients over a decade ago. Dr. Hertz practices Comprehensive Ophthalmology.Learn More

  • oakley

    David E. Oakley, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    Dr. Oakley has lived and practiced in Norwich since 1975. Dr. Oakley continues to provide his patients with the best available technology and care in his practice of Comprehensive Ophthalmology.Learn More

  • mckay

    Peter S. McKay, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    While in Belfast, Ireland and New York City, Dr. McKay has trained many young surgeons before coming to Norwich in 2000. Dr. McKay practices Comprehensive Ophthalmology including Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery and Oculoplastics. Dr. McKay accepts new patients at all three locations. Learn More

  • shah

    Anish U. Shah, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    Dr. Shah came to Norwich in 2000. Dr. Shah was one of the first surgeons in Connecticut to offer every presbyopia correcting lens implant available in the US and Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Shah accepts new patients at all three locations. Learn More

  • pastel

    Neil Pastel, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    Dr. Pastel has been in Norwich since the 70's. Dr. Pastel practices Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Learn More

  • image

    Kevin B. Cranmer, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    We like to welcome Dr. Cranmer who has recently joined Norwich Ophthalmology Group. Dr. Cranmer practices Comprehensive Ophthalmology and offers Laser Vison Correction. Dr. Cranmer is currently accepting new Patients in Norwich and New London. Learn More

  • slocumb

    Ron Slocumb, M.D.Ophthalmologist

    Dr. Slocumb practices comprehensive ophthalmology treating patients with a wide variety of eye diseases. He specializes in cataract surgeries with multifocal and astigmatism correcting lenses.Learn More

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